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Steering & Suspension

Your steering and suspension system should be inspected at the very least yearly to prevent major suspension repairs. Anytime you suspect indicators of steering or suspension complications have our mechanics inspect your car to correct the complication quickly. Long term steering and suspension concerns will cause extreme safety dangers in the near future with costly suspension repair.

The steering system and suspension systems bears the weight of your car, keeping the tires on the road when driving to aid in delivering a dependable ride, in balance with vehicle weight and movement. Keeping suspension repair properly maintained is important for both vehicle safety and drivability.

Our ASE certified technicians have the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair almost any suspension problems you may be experiencing. We will recommend the right combination of shocks and struts based upon you vehicle and driving conditions. Once we have completed the repair or replacement, our in house alignment service will get you safely on the road again.

After having your suspension repair completed by Norm’s Auto Repair you will notice significant changes in the ride of your vehicle. The bumps and jolts that you have become accustomed to prior to having suspension repair work completed will be virtually unnoticeable. You will enjoy a significantly improved ride and level of comfort and safety while driving.